Acquiring Skills

Each class level grants a character a number of skill points, with additional skill points equal to his Intelligence modifier. Certain races gain an additional skill point at each level. In the E6 system, each additional feat granted beyond advancement to 6th level also grants either one hit point or skill point. This additional hit point or skill point is the same for all characters regardless or race or previous class, as is the bonus feat.

New Skills

Swim and Climb are combined into a single skill called Athletics.

Skill Perks

King of the Giantdowns also employs a skill perk system, which allows for customization. Skill perks provide additional benefit for spent skill ranks in two different ways. They allow a low-level PC or NPC to further specialize in a skill without the investment of a feat, and they provide for interesting wrinkles in already mastered skills for PCs at maximum level (6). The Skill Perks system interacts with many other systems in the game, and sufficient levels of skill expertise may provide bonuses to combat, spellcasting and item crafting, mass combat, and kingdom building.

There are four levels of skill perks for each relevant skill, though not all skills have perks. Each perk requires an expenditure of one skill rank, but you can “purchase” a skill perk for a skill for which you already have max ranks; skill perks do not give the general benefits of an additional skill rank.

The three skill levels are at 1 Rank (Apprentice), 3 Ranks (Journeyman), and 5 Ranks (Master). There is a fourth, honorary rank, that is unlocked once a character has 6 ranks, all 3 skill perks, and the Skill Focus feat: Grand Master.

Each proficiency level of a skill will typically have more than one Perk from which the character can choose. Not all skills will have perks, and some will only have a reduced number of perks. Important: unless otherwise specified, you may only have 4 skill perks in a particular skill, and no more than one at each level of expertise. Before choosing a skill perk, you must have one perk chosen at each lower level.


Acrobatic Crawl- You can move 5 feet as a Move Action while prone without provoking attacks of opportunity with a DC 15 Acrobatics check.

Catfall- If you successfully reduce your effective falling distance by 10 or more feet, and take less damage than your Acrobatics ranks from falling, you automatically land on your feet.

Acrobatic Synergy- You gain a +2 bonus on Escape Artist and Fly checks.

Bob and Weave- When Fighting Defensively, taking the Full Defense action, or using Combat Expertise, you gain an additional +1 Dodge bonus to your AC.

Acrobatic Charge- When Running or Charging you may move over 5 feet of difficult terrain.

Combat Tumbling- You gain a +2 bonus on the first Acrobatics check each round to avoid provoking attacks of opportunity by moving through a threatened square, and the DC each check for additional enemies does not increase.

Fleet Feet- Your base movement increases by 5 feet.

Kip Up- You may attempt an Acrobatics check to attempt to stand up from prone as a Swift action without provoking attacks of opportunity. The DC for this check is the highest CMD of all threatening opponents.

Grand Master- Choose One: +1 Dodge Bonus to AC or Reflex Saves.


Bounding Leap- You may use Athletics instead of Acrobatics to perform Jump checks.

Durable-You gain a +2 bonus on the following checks and saves: Athletics checks made to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion. Constitution checks made to continue running, avoid nonlethal damage from a forced march, starvation or thirst, or to hold your breath. Fortitude saves made to avoid nonlethal damage from hot or cold environments or to resist damage from suffocation.

Wrestler- You gain a +1 to CMB and CMD on grapple checks and a +1 on all opposed strength checks.

Swift Swimmer- When Swimming as a Move action, on a successful check you move an additional 5 feet, 10 feet when Swimming as a full-round action.

Swift Climber- When Climbing as a Move action, on a successful check you move an additional 5 feet, 10 feet when Climbing as a full-round action.

Weight Training- Your carrying capacities are increased as if your strength were 3 higher.

Sprint- You gain the Run feat.

Toughness- You gain the benefit of the Toughness feat. If you already have the Toughness feat, gain 3 additional Hit Points.

Grand Master- You may use an Action Point as a Swift Action to gain a Swim or Climb speed equal to your land movement until the end of your turn.


Seduction- You gain a +2 on Bluff checks against members of the opposite sex (or who would reasonably be sexually attracted to you).

Fake it Til You Make It- You gain a +2 bonus on all skills in which you have 0 ranks.

Misdirection- You gain a +2 on Sleight of Hand and Stealth checks.

Bluster- You gain a +2 on Intimidate and Diplomacy checks.

Feign Death- As a Full-Round action you can make a single Feint check against all observing opponents, as you fall prone. Success means that opponents will believe you to be dead, and act accordingly. This effect lasts until you take an action.

Fake Spell- You can attempt to convince an opponent that you are casting a different spell than you are. Make a Bluff check opposed by Spellcraft. You incur a -2 penalty on this check for every level difference the spell you are pretending to cast is from the one you are, and a further -2 penalty if they are of a different school.

Battlefield Trickery- While you are commanding an army, you gain the Bonus Tactic: False Retreat boon.

Swift Feint- You may feint in combat as a move action. If you could normally feint as a move action, instead you may feint as a swift action.


Efficiency- When crafting a mundane item of this type, you require only 25% (1/4) of its price in raw materials instead of 1/3.

Expediency- When crafting a mundane item of this type and voluntarily increasing the check DC in order to craft it more quickly, you gain a +5 bonus to the check.

Efficacy- When focused on crafting a single item, and not attempting to craft it faster than normal, you may take 10.

Be the Sword- Choose a Weapon Category (see: Fighter- Weapon Training) that you can craft with this Craft skill. You suffer only half the normal non-proficiency penalty when fighting with weapons of that type. (Craft: Weapons only).

Crafting Synergy- You gain a +1 bonus on all other Craft checks and on Appraise checks to discern the value of a non-magical item.

Personalized Shield- Masterwork level Shields crafted by you grant you an additional +1 Shield bonus to AC when you wield them. (Craft: Armor only)

Personalized Weapon- Masterwork level Weapons crafted by you grant you +1 bonus to damage. (Craft: Weapons and Craft: Bows only).

Alchemist- The save DC of alchemical items you craft that require a saving throw (tanglefoot bag, alchemist’s fire, poisons) are increased by 1.

Master Craftsman- You gain the Master Craftsman feat as a bonus feat.

Mass Production- You can create multiples of the same item at the same time. Make a single check for all items. The Craft DC is increased by 4 for each additional item.

Grand Master Perk
Legendary Craftsman- When crafting magical items using this skill and the Master Craftsman feat, treat your caster level as 3 higher.


Snoop- +2 on Diplomacy checks to Gather Information.

Haggler- +2 on Diplomacy checks to influence the demeanor of a merchant.

Silver Tongue- When using Diplomacy to influence the attitude of others, you may increase it by 3 steps instead of 2 (i.e. from Hostile to Friendly).

Peacemaker- You may attempt a Diplomacy check to influence the attitude of others as a full-round action with a -10 penalty.

Grand Diplomat- While you are a kingdom’s Grand Diplomat, that kingdom gains +1 Stability.

Politician- If you issue an edict that increases your kingdom’s unrest, you may attempt a Diplomacy check against your kingdom’s Control DC. If successful, the unrest gained is decreased by 1. If you fail by 5 or more, the unrest is gained is increased by 1.

Grand Master

Disable Device

Saboteur- It takes half the normal amount of time, round down, to commit sabotage by jamming a lock, clockwork device or the like.

Trapspringer- It takes half the normal time, round down, minimum 1 round, to disarm traps.

Locksmith- It takes half the normal time, round down, minimum 1 round, to pick locks.

Device Synergy- You gain a +2 Bonus on Craft (Traps and Locks) and Knowledge (Engineering).

Jury Rig- You can force damaged or broken items to work like normal for a time. As a standard action, make a Disable Device check with a DC equal to the Craft DC of the item +10 and works for 1 minute plus 1 minute for each point by which you exceed the DC. For magical items the DC is 10 + its craft DC and the item functions for 1 round plus 1 round for every point by which you exceed the DC.

Reactive Trapspringer- Once per day as an immediate action when you trigger a trap you may attempt a Disable Device against that trap before its effect takes place. You take a -10 to this check. You may add any number up to your Disable Device ranks to this check, but if you fail you take that same number as a penalty on the any saves from that trap.

Sapper- When commanding an army, you gain the Bonus Tactic: Siegebreaker boon.

Grand Master You can use Disable Device to disable magical traps, but at a -5 penalty.

Escape Artist

Squeeze- You can squeeze to fit into a space normally too small for you to fit without taking a penalty to Attack Rolls or Armor Class.

Slip the Ropes- You can make an Escape Artist check to escape ropes and bonds as a Full-Round action by taking a -5 on the check.

Acrobatic Synergy- You gain a +2 bonus to Acrobatics checks.

Wriggle Free- You can make an Escape Artist check in place of a Saving Throw against any magical effect that restricts your movement, such as Slow and Hold Person.

Greased Pig- An opponent trying to Grapple you must make a Grapple Combat Maneuver check against 10 +your Escape Artist modifier.

Grand Master- As a Swift action you may use an Action Point to benefit from the Freedom of Movement spell for one round.


Field Medic- Heal checks made to provide first aid do not provoke Attacks of Opportunity.

Quick Bind- When you heal a creature through magical or nonmagical means you may make an Aid Another check as a free action.

Emergency Medicine- You gain a +4 bonus on Use Magic Device checks to cast Conjuration (Healing) spells from a spell completion or spell trigger item.

Apothecary- +2 on Craft (Alchemy) and Spellcraft checks to create potions.

Bedside Manner- The amount of healing provided by Long-term Care and Treat Deadly Wounds is increased by your Heal ranks.

Anatomist- You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls made to confirm critical hits.

Steel Plate Bandages (Su)- When you provide first aid to an ally, they gain fast healing 1 for a number of rounds equal to your heal ranks.

Triage- When controlling an army, you gain the Triage boon.

Grand Master
Only a Flesh Wound (Su)- You may use an Action Point as an Immediate Action to provide first aid to yourself or an ally up to 30 feet away.


Lingering Threat- When using Intimidate to influence the attitude of an NPC, they remain friendly for an additional 10 minutes. When demoralizing an opponent, they remain Shaken for one additional round.

Startle- If you successfully demoralize a flat-footed opponent for 2 or more rounds, you may choose to make them instead become Dazed for one round. An opponent affected by this ability becomes immune to it for 24 hours.

Taunt- An opponent that you have demoralized is prevented from taking actions against anyone but you. If they attempt to make an attack against anyone else or cast a Harmful spell for which you are not either a target or included in its area of effect, they must succeed on a Will saving throw DC 10 +your Intimidate ranks. Failure means they lose that action. Skill Focus (Intimidate) increases this DC by 2.

Razor Sharp Grin- When wielding, brandishing, or revealing a weapon, you gain a bonus to your Intimidate checks equal to either the critical multiplier or enhancement bonus of the weapon, whichever is greater.

Bloody Roar- As a full-round action, you may make a single Intimidate check to demoralize all opponents in a 30 foot cone.

Enforcer- While you are a Royal Enforcer, your kingdom gains 1 Loyalty.

Maka- While you are the commander of an army, you gain the Bonus Tactic: Taunt boon.

Grand Master When you successfully deal damage to a creature with a weapon, you may make an Intimidate check as a free action. This can be either an attempt to demoralize or to influence.

Knowledge (varies)

Monster Lore- Gain a +2 on identifying monsters of the appropriate type.
Collector- Gain +2 on Survival and Spellcraft checks to extract power components from monsters of the appropriate type.

Multidisciplinary Study- +1 on all other Knowledge skills that have this perk.

Researcher- You take half the time to use a library to gain its circumstance bonus on a Knowledge check. (Any)

Arcane Synergy- +2 bonus on Spellcraft checks (Arcana)

Engineering Synergy- +2 bonus on Disable Device checks and Perception checks to find secret doors and traps.(Engineering)

Noble Synergy- +2 bonus on all Diplomacy checks. (Nobility)

Dungeon Synergy- +2 bonus on Survival checks made while underground. (Dungeoneering)

Nature Synergy- +2 bonus on Survival checks in above-ground, natural environments. (Nature)

Local Synergy- +2 Bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information. (Local)

Religious Synergy- +2 bonus on the save DC of your Channel Energy. (Religion)

Ruler- While you are the Ruler of a kingdom, that kingdom gains a +1 to Stability. (Nobility)

Marshall- While you are the Marshall of a kingdom, that kingdom gains +1 to Loyalty. (Engineering)

High Priest- While you are the High Priest of a kingdom, that kingdom gains +1 to Stability. (Religion)

Councilor- While you are the Councilor of a kingdom, that kingdom gains a +1 to Loyalty. (Local)

Magister- While you are the Magister of a kingdom, that kingdom gains +1 to Economy. (Arcana)

Cartographer- When exploring a hex (and making a map) your party speed is considered 10 feet faster. (Geography)

Grandmaster When fighting an opponent of the appropriate type, you gain either a +1 to AC or Saves against attacks from that creature, your choice.

Profession (Varies)

Cheat Death- Once per day you may spend an Action Point to make a Profession (Soldier) check in place of any Saving Throw. (Soldier)

Battle-hardened- You gain a +4 bonus on Constitution checks to perform a forced march. (Soldier)

Motley Armor- When you are wearing an incomplete set of armor, or a set of armor for which not all pieces match, your Armor Check Penalty is reduced by 2 (to a minimum of 0). (Soldier)

Cynical Merchant- Add your Profession (Merchant) ranks to the DC for others to change your attitude with Diplomacy. (Merchant)

Seen It All- You gain a +2 bonus on Will saves against Fear and on Fortitude saves against Disease. (Soldier)

KP- You gain a +2 bonus on Profession (Chef) checks and Fortitude saves against Poison. (Soldier)

Weapon Versatility- As long as you are proficient in a weapon in the same weapon group (see: Fighter- Weapon Training), the non-proficiency penalty for any weapon you wield is reduced by 1 (minimum 0). (Soldier)

Mercantile Synergy- You gain a +2 on Appraise checks and a +2 on Spellcraft checks to identify items. (Merchant)

Extra Boon- Choose one additional Commander boon, which is applied whenever you command an army. You must meet all normal prerequisites for this boon. (Soldier)

General- While you are a kingdom’s General, that kingdom gains +1 to Stability checks. (Soldier)

Treasurer- While you are your kingdom’s Treasurer, that kingdom gains +1 to Economy checks. (Merchant)

Master and Commander- You may command one additional army during battles (see: Mass Combat), applying all normal bonuses and benefits to both armies. If you choose to command a single army, they gain +1 DV and +1 OV. (Soldier)

Entrepreneur- When rolling a Profession check to earn money during downtime, roll twice and take the better result. You get a +5 on this check. (Any)


Arcane Crafter- You gain a +2 on Spellcraft checks to craft magic items and to research spells.

Arcane Sense- You gain a +2 on Spellcraft checks to identify spells being cast and identify magic items.

Spell Synergy- You gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge (Arcana) and Use Magic Device checks.

Alacritous Crafting- Choose a [Item Creation] feat you possess. When you craft magical items using that feat, they cost 5% less.

Diligent- +2 bonus on Concentration checks.

Spell Defense- Choose a spell school. You gain a +1 bonus on saving throws against spells of that school.

Inspired Casting- Once per day you may spend an Action Point to spontaneously add the benefits of a Metamagic feat you possess to a spell as you are casting it. The Metamagic feat may not normally increase the spell level by more than 1.

Grandmaster Choose one.
Epic Crafter- For the purposes of crafting magic items, your caster level is increased by 3.

Reactive Counterspell- If you have not yet acted in a round, you may spend an Action Point as an Immediate action when an enemy spellcaster casts a spell to attempt a counterspell. You are treated as having readied an action, and you may only cast a spell with a casting time of one Standard Action or less.


Crouching Hider- When prone, you gain a +4 Size bonus on Stealth checks.

Go Unnoticed- You gain a +2 bonus to Bluff checks to create a distraction and Disguise checks to remain in character.

Pickpocket- While unnoticed you gain a +4 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to remove an item from someone’s person.

Undetectable- You can use Stealth to fool other senses. When you attempt a skill check, choose one: Tremorsense, Blindsense, or Scent. You gain a -5 penalty to that Stealth check, but if successful, you are able to bypass even those other means of perception.

Sink Into Shadows- Once per round you may take a Standard Action to make a Stealth check to remain hidden when in darkness or shadows, even if observed.

Grand Master
Ninja Vanish- You can use an Action Point as a Swift Action to gain the benefit of Greater Invisibility until the end of your turn.


Trick Knee- You can automatically predict the weather in the Hex you occupy 24 hours in advance.

Provider- When using the Survival skill to forage food and water, you can provide for 1 additional person for every point you exceed DC 10.

Camouflage- You gain a +2 bonus on Stealth checks and Disguise checks in a natural environment.

Strength to Endure- When attempting a Survival check to gain a bonus to Fortitude saves against severe weather, all such bonuses are increased by +2. This means you gain a +2 bonus to such saves even on a failed check (though you do not confer this bonus to others). Furthermore, a successful check provides a +2 bonus against such saves even when moving at full speed.

Marshall- When you are the Warden of a kingdom, that kingdom gains +1 on Economy checks.

Live off the Land- When commanding an army, you gain the Live off the Land boon.

Grand Master
Magical Tracker- You can track creatures whose tracks are magically obscured or removed, i.e. Trackless Step with a -10 penalty.


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