Gaining Regency

A character with the Blooded Scion feat, or the Tainted Bloodline trait have a Bloodline Score of 0 or higher and are considered a Scion. Characters without one of these two are unblooded.

Scions who have also assumed a Leadership Role in their kingdom are called Regents. There are many things that set a Regent apart from both a Scion or a kingdom leader, but a Regent is primarily defined by his Regency (or lack thereof).

Regency is an expendable resource, functionally very similar to Action Points (see: House Rules), except that Regency is character specific rather than player specific. Regency is gained during the Upkeep Phase of a Domain Round (see: Rulership). How much Regency you gain is based primarily on your Bloodline Rank and the level of success of a Loyalty check.

When you gain Regency Points (RP) they are added to your Regency Pool, which is tracked on the individual character sheet. You may not have unlimited Regency Points, however, and each character has a maximum amount of RP allowed in his or her pool. A Regent’s maximum Regency Pool is equal to your Charisma score plus twice your Bloodline Rank. Thus a Regent with a Charisma of 15 and a Bloodline Rank of 4 would have a maximum Regency Pool of 23. RP gained in excess of this amount are lost.

Uses of Regency

Action Point- The most basic use of RP is to mimic the effects of Action Points. RP may be spent to produce any effect that requires an expenditure of Action Points, including many Skill Perks and Feats, but the reverse is not true; Action Points are not as powerful as Regency Points.

Activate Blood Ability- Furthermore, many Blood Abilities require the expenditure of RP to activate, or allow the expenditure of RP for increased effectiveness.

More importantly, however, RP is instrumental in the Rulership and Mass Combat portions of the campaign.

Perform Domain Action- Many Domain Actions and Domain Spells require the expenditure of RP. Specifically, the Consolidate Domain Action requires a very large amount of RP to use, but permanently increases one’s Bloodline Score.

Adroitness- When faced with a kingdom check (see: Kingdom Rules), a player responsible (example: Treasurer making an Economy check) for that roll may spend 1 RP to add +1D6 to that roll, or multiple RP to roll that many D6, adding the best result to the kingdom check. Players not normally responsible for that check may spend 1RP to add +1 to the check. Multiple players may spend RP in either of these fashions, but the total bonus from RP expenditure to a kingdom check may never exceed 6; excess RP spent are wasted.

Rallying Cry- In Mass Combat, a Regent who is the commander of a military unit may spend 1 RP along with an attack roll to add +1d6 to the resultant attack roll or Morale Check, or to add +2 to the unit’s DV for that round.


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