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A Game of Kings

This campaign is based in no small part on the Kingmaker Adventure Path by Paizo. Even the title gives away the ending: yes, one of you will become ruler of a new realm. But nothing is as simple as it seems. Before you earn the right to set up your fledgling nation you must thoroughly explore the Midjarna region of the Giantdowns and make an example of its lawless inhabitants.

The first part of the campaign will entail charting the unexplored regions of Midjarna and chronicling your discoveries. If you enjoy this, this exploration can go on virtually forever as I generate new maps for new regions yet unexplored.

At some point, however, the blood of kings will call to one (or many) of you, and you will begin the second phase: setting up and controlling your own domain. You can then return to lands previously explored to claim them as your own and establish law, build towns, etc.

What remains of the campaign will diverge from the Adventure Path and be determined by 1-both random and timed/planned events and how the players deal with them 2-players’ initiative and how you choose (collectively) to rule your domain and administer to your subjects.

What I have in store could take decades—or generations!—in game time to achieve and who knows how long in real time. My goal is to provide a sandbox for us to play in for years to come, to provide a forum for ideas and role-playing, and to create a way for us all to keep the game going in between discrete mini-campaigns or adventures. Ideally I’d like to be able to go on hiatus from running from time to time but still move the plot and timeline forward through play by post and email.


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