The Giantdowns, so-named because of the enormous burial mounts (downs) left by long-dead giant kings, is a place of rare and stark beauty. From its craggy, snow-capped mountaintops in the north, to the tumbledown hill towns and rivers to the south, the Giantdowns are every inch a frontier.

Largely unsettled by humans due to its harsh winters and frequent bandit raids, the nooks and crannies of the Giantdowns have yet to be charted. It’s a wide open land, unforgiving, but nonetheless provocative due to its unclaimed nature.


The Downs, as local are wont to call it, holds a tenuous position geo-politically. It borders three realms to the north, all unforgiving in their hostility: the brutal thugs and rapers of the The Blood Skull Barony, the economic and magical might of The Realm of the White Witch, and the isolated and xenophobic elves of Lluabraight.

To the east lies The Gorgon’s Crown, the seat of the most powerful awnshegh in Cerilia.

To the south and the west lie Tuarhievel and Dhoesone respectively, possible allies but they are tangled in their own complex web of schemes.


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