What is E6?

E6 stands for Epic 6.

The idea behind E6 is that there are four distinct “quartiles” of play. Levels 1-5 are things that ordinary, or perhaps extraordinary, mortal humans can accomplish. Levels 6-10 are typical heroic fantasy. Levels 11-15 are Wuxia or action movies, and levels 16-20 are superheroes.

In E6 class progress halts after reaching the sixth character level. The reason level 6 is chosen is that it’s a good crossroads where most classes are best balanced. In a world where the level caps at 6 the most powerful warriors can land two blows in a single round and the most powerful casters can fly. At level 6 a 4th level warrior is still a threat.

What E6 does is remind you constantly that your character, for whatever powers he may have, is vulnerable. You will continue to face more and more powerful foes but your hit point pool and reserves of magical power grow much slower. Out-thinking an enemy may be your only chance, and if that doesn’t work? Run!

Instead of new class levels, after 6th level you will gain a feat every so often. In my game this threshold is set at 10,000 EXP. These feats can be chosen from any available in standard sources, including the Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic. There are new feats created specifically for E6 games that allow specific class abilities to progress. These are available for your perusal in the Feats section of the wiki.


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