Character Creation

How to Create a Character for King of the Giantdowns

Step 1) Determine Ability Scores.

King of the Giantdowns uses a “standard fantasy” point buy of 15 points. Ability score costs can be found here. I know, it seems low, but there will be plenty of ways to increase your Ability Scores. Keep in mind also that all abilities are important, and in Birthright, especially Charisma.

Step 2) Choose a Race

Step 3) Pick your class.

Classes available in King of the Giantdowns are as follows: Bard, Barbarian, Cavalier, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Magus, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard. Only Humans may take levels in Paladin, and only Elves may take levels in Magus. Half-elves may take levels in either. Remember that most classes have a synergy with a specific Leadership Role in the kingdom building portion of the game. An overview of the kingdom building rules is available here.

Step 4) Pick Skills, Feats and Traits.

Remember that some feats work differently than in a typical game of Pathfinder. Determine the number of skill ranks possessed by your character, based on his class and Intelligence modifier (and any other bonuses, such as the bonus received by humans). Then spend these ranks on skills, but remember that you cannot have more ranks than your level in any one skill (for a starting character, this is usually one). After skills, determine how many feats your character receives, based on his class and level, and select them from those presented in Feats.

Step 5) Buy Equipment.

Each new character begins the game with an amount of gold, based on his class, that can be spent on a wide range of equipment and gear, from chainmail armor to leather backpacks. This gear helps your character survive while adventuring. Generally speaking, you cannot use this starting money to buy magic items without the consent of your GM.

Step 6) Finishing touches.

Finally, you need to determine all of a character’s details, including his starting hit points (hp), Armor Class (AC), saving throws, initiative modifier, and attack values. All of these numbers are determined by the decisions made in previous steps. Aside from these, you need to decide on your character’s name, alignment, and physical appearance. It is best to jot down a few personality traits as well, to help you play the character during the game. Additional rules (like age and alignment) are described in Additional Rules.

Character Creation

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