The Blood of Gods

Deismaar: graveyard of heroes, birthplace of the gods.

Thousands of years ago, in the ultimate clash between the humans who worshipped the Old Gods, and humanoids who followed the evil god Azrai, the armies of light and dark met on Mount Deismaar. In the ensuing battle, Azrai and the Old Gods were destroyed, and the greatest of their champions ascended to take their place in the heavens. But not all the gods’ divine power flowed into these usurpers; as the blood spilled out over the battlefield, those soaked in the blood of their gods gained phenomenal supernatural powers.

A few amongst the population of Cerilia still carry in their veins the blood of the Old Gods. Anduiras, Basaia, Brenna, Masela, Reynir, Vorynn or the dark god Azrai. Those that do are called Scions, and their blood calls them to do great things, for good or for ill. For many this bloodline is tainted, weak, and they can barely be distinguished from those around them. Only a few dozen yet remain with a True bloodline, undiminished by time, and most of them are Awnsheghlien (awn-SHAY-len).

Scions make natural leaders, and when in lawful command of a land they become one with it. They are called Regents. Their well being is that of their people and vice versa. The health of the land feeds their power and, in turn, they give that energy back to the land so that it and their people may flourish.

An Awnshegh does not give up this power; for him it is not a circuit but a conduit. His land withers and dies, and the selfishly hoarded power corrupts his body and mind until his body becomes as a twisted reflection of his psyche.


The vast majority of the population is unblooded or mundane, in other words the blood of the gods does not flow in their veins. Unblooded have no Bloodline Score whatsoever. For those that do, there are five broad categories of bloodline strength: Tainted, Minor, Major, Great and True. These are determined by two things, Bloodline Score and Bloodline Rank. The relationship between these terms is represented by a graph HERE.

A Tainted bloodline is someone who starts with a Bloodline Score (typically 0 or 1, depending on whether they chose Tainted Bloodline trait or Blooded Scion feat) but no Blood Abilities. Anyone with a Bloodline Score is eligible for [Bloodline] feats, which can increase your Bloodline Score.

An individual with a Bloodline Score of between 5 and 29 has a Minor bloodline, between 30 and 99 a Major bloodline, and between 100 and 199 a Great bloodline, with commensurately powerful Blood Abilities.

Someone with a Bloodline Score of 200 has a True Bloodline, and is able to choose from unique powers available only to them. Note: The only known True Bloodlines active are individuals present at the Battle of Deismaar, who witnessed the death of their patron deity. It is, however, theoretically possible to attain this through other means. To wit…

Improving Your Bloodline Score

One can increase one’s Bloodline Score (and thus Bloodline Rank) in one of several ways:
1) Select [Bloodline] feats, which increase your Bloodline Score typically by 1 or 2.
2) Perform acts of heroism and bravery. In game terms, complete quests, reach kingdom-building milestones, or exhibit extraordinary role playing.
3) Bloodtheft. If you kill another blooded character by a blow through the heart (coup de grace), you increase your Bloodline Score by 1. If they were of a higher Bloodline Rank than you, it instead increases by 1d4.
4) Taking the Consolidate Power Domain Action allows you to spend Regency Points to increase your Bloodline Score permanently, but the diverting of magical energies may cause your Domain to suffer commensurate penalties.


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