A rare plant with strong alchemical healing properties.


Fernflower has been revered by the Rjurik for centuries (perhaps millenia) for its nearly magical healing ability. They tend to grow alone in patches, especially in rocky or hilly terrain. When found, it takes a careful hand (DC 22 Survival or Profession: Herbalist check) to extract without damaging the healing properties. If eaten it has a very bitter flavor and causes sickness (DC 13 Fort negates) for 1d4 hours.


When used to treat a wound, it gives the user a +5 alchemical bonus on the heal check to stabilize or Treat Deadly Wounds. In fact, when used to treat deadly wounds, it allows a skilled healer to do so with a standard action instead of 1 hour, and the Fernflower is consumed instead of charges from a healer’s kit.

Fernflower needs to be used quickly after being picked, however, losing all alchemical potency 1d6 days afterward.

Furthermore it can be used as a Power Components giving a +2 Caster Level to any Conjuration (Healing) spell cast, or as raw materials for any magic item for which a Conjuration (Healing) spell is required.

The market value for a single dose of Fernflower is 25gp.



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