"I find things, its what I do"


Gar stands 5’10". His brown hair, including his beard, is long and fairly unkempt. His cloths would lead one to believe that he just finished a long trek through deep wooded lands. A bit gruff to most, he tolerates the ones that are of use to him.


Growing up at the edge of the deep forest made for a tough life. The constant danger of the Giants and the elf populace had him and his family on the their toes and on the move often. His father taught the ways of hunting, foraging, tracking and “shut the fuck up and be quiet” very well. It was on a late autumn evening that his real adventure began. Mother was in the garden, harvesting what was left for the cold weather to come, when she heard noises. As it turns out, more than one, giant had come to call this evening. My father tried as he might to fend them off but was overwhelmed. Mother fell quickly as she did not notice the second “sneak” up behind her. The image of her being picked up and head bitten off still haunts me to this day. Father was ripped to pieces as I watched from under cover of a large stack of hey. My lessons of “shut the fuck up and be quiet” paid off that day. As I hid, holding by breath, I noticed one set of eyes peering from the forest…then another..and another. Those son of a bitches sat there and watched the whole thing, no doubt laughing at our misfortune. More likely angry that they did not have the chance to get the kill themselves.


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