Cian Magnus Emrys Keir

An elf with dark hair and darker eyes.


Cian.jpgCian is an elf with black hair & eyes and his skin is dark. He is tall and has little muscle mass. Sometimes it seems his shadow moves of its own volition and it is common that when he prepares his spells he talks to his shadow. There are whispers that this is accredited to his ties to the Shadow Realm. It is also likely that it’s because of his scholarly pursuits. There is a silvery blood mark on the left side of his face that almost seems to draw light into it. The blood mark is stylized side view of a griffin. The blood mark denotes his heritage as part of the royal line that disappeared when Sideath was given to the Shadow Realm.


Cian’s mother was found on the outskirts of a small elven village just outside the Borders of Sideath. Somehow she just appeared out of nowhere and collapsed in the middle of the village. She was with child and in labor. The elder of the village delivered the child, but his mother died while in childbirth. The elder tried to calm the woman to gather information during child, but she just seemed to talk in a hysterical manner and in a tongue that nobody understood. Messengers were sent to the royal family and Cian was collected and brought into the royal family and trained in the ways of wizardry. He was drawn to conjuration and displayed talents with darkness that are not fully understood. He displayed a talent for diplomacy as well as an aptitude for learning the different human tongues. He was just starting his study of the final human language when he was sent on a pilgrimage of sorts. That is at least what the royal family called it. He looks as human with a vast interest and curiosity. He views them as children and finds it interesting how they react to situations.

Cian Magnus Emrys Keir

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